Le grand bain

Seem Soap launches Le grand bain, our new cold process soap line. Made with high quality organic oils, we developed our recipes to offer you soft, moisturizing and soothing soaps. Our soaps are 100% vegan and natural, and 80% of the ingredients are organic certified.

Permanente 2022

Our crafted soaps are soft and adapted to sensitive skins. They are handmade with high quality organic oils. The 2022 collection was invented through several inspirations: nature, architecture, and fantasy. Each soap is a sensitive and olfactive experience that you won't forget !


Discover our dye kit to make your own organic and design soap, with marble or layered pattern. Quick and easy to conceive, you will be able to make your own smooth and vegetal soap, without any risk of soda manipulation. A fun activity to make for yourself or in family !

Permanente 2016

Patience is quiet and calm. she is wisdom. She waits, peaceful and strong, what may never comes. But she is powerful, and looks like a queen whom we should not upset.

Light and voluptuous, Songe brings us in a waking dream. She makes us ramble, fooled by the illusion, the hope that our wishes come true. But be careful, under her bright colors, she is also unpredictable, and suddenly the dream can wane...then can rise again.

Vertige disturbs us, imbalances us. She is sharp and proud. Her bright colors, sometimes cold, either stun us, either bring us in a nice sensation of magnitude.

Surprising, Paradoxe stimulates us, challenges us. Upside down or right side up, she is in conflict and reasons herself. She walks, in a galactic whirlwind which confuses us. Full, empty, she knows how to be desired. Careful to anyone who ties to resist her !


Garance Vallée, embodies a creative youth, with an uninhibited eclecticism. Inspired by the straight line, she transforms the angles, plays with the perspectives and imagines curious spaces, between realism and fantasy. Strata collection is a meeting between the design Studio Seem Soap and the artist Garance Vallée. Inspired by precious stones and rocks, they created Strata, with the color palette of nature. Each soap is hand cut.

Lex Pott employs a raw and intuitive method.
In his work,he returns to the origin of the materials he uses most: wood, stone and metal. He does not hide his designs under indirect layers, but reduces them to their very essence. Seem Soap Studio has created with the designer Lex Pott a collection inspired by nature. The pebbles, of which the shapes are molded from real pebbles found in Normandie’s beaches.

Seem Soap and the designer Ekhi Busquet created Alta Marea, a tribute to the famous Matisse blue wave, celebrating a blue storm sea. Alta Marea is made of two waves which will be shaped along the use