Seem Soap

is a french soap brand, co-founded in 2016 by Mathilde Lehmann and Valentine Sée. Since the beginning of 2020, Mathilde handles the soap firm by herself. Her mission: bringing art and beauty in everyday life, and making an ordinary gesture becomes a moment of pleasure and emotion. Dedicated to the environment issues, Seem Soap is a committed brand. We select the finest possible materials, with natural and organic ingredients.

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Our soaps are invented and conceived in our laboratory in paris. The shapes are drawn, then 3D printed, from which we make our moulds. We use two manufacturing technics: the mold technic and the hand-cutting technic. The soaps are handmade with high quality oils. All our pigments are natural, and our fragrances are conceived in Nice, in the south of France.


As a design and creative studio, Seem Soap realizes partnerships with brands, as well as collaborations with artists and designers. We have been working with such brands as the perfume house Ex-Nihilo, the clothes brand Marie-Sixtine, or realized collaborations with the artist Garance Vallée and the designer Lex Pott. We can adapt our soaps to the visual identity of the brand, by changing the colors and patterns. During collaborations with other creators, we work together on new models of soaps, combining the two identities. For any collaboration inquiries please send us an email