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New ! The foaming soaps

Please the whole family with our foaming soaps. Handmade with high quality oils, they are moisturizing, for a funny care routine !

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New collection

Seem Soap launches Le grand bain, our new cold process soap line. Made with high quality organic oils, we developed our recipes to offer you soft, moisturizing and soothing soaps. Our soaps are 100% vegan and natural, and 80% of the ingredients are organic certified.

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Three oils and one butter:
• Coconut oil: cleansing and foaming
• Sesame oil: regenerating and softening
• Sweet almond oil: light and moisturizing
• Shea butter: protecting and repairing

Our soaps are 8% superfatted. We add a vegetal oils excess compared to the soda, at the moment of the saponification process. It allows to keep a certain pourcentage of oils and butter in the heart of the soaps, for a cleansing treatment which leaves a protecting film on the skin.

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To switch your routine towards your mood and needs. The perfect gift or self-gift !

Discover our latest collaboration, Seem Soap x Ekhi Busquet

Seem Soap and the designer Ekhi Busquet created Alta Marea, a tribute to the famous Matisse blue wave, celebrating a blue storm sea. Alta Marea is made of two waves which will be shaped along the use

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Permanent collection 2022

Our crafted soaps are soft and adapted to sensitive skins. Handmade with high quality organic oils, they are the perfect balance between function and emotion. Each soap is a sensitive and olfactive experience that you won't forget !

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Craft and Made in France

We invent and conceive our soaps in our laboratory in Paris. Each piece is unique, hand-crafted with know-how and precision.

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Seem Soap products respect the skin by letting it silky and smooth. Even if the angles and curves polish themselves, they keep their shape several months for a daily use.

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