sakura blossom scented wax tablet

Perfume your laundry with our scented wax tablets. Hang them or put them in your closet. Our tablets are handmade in 100% natural and vegan olive wax. Our fragrances are made in Grasse in the south of France, and contains no CMR substances, no phthalates and no animal material. Decorated with dried flowers.

Olfactory note : Floral
Head note : Green
Heart note : Sakura blossom
Base note : Sandalwood

  • 35g

  • handmade in our studio in Paris

  • vegetal olive wax

  • sakura blossom fragrance

  • decoration: mix of dried flowers (marigold, blueberry, rose)

  • dimensions: 50x90x10mm

  • Shaped by hand, the tablet can have small irregularities, which make it unique

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