Mathilde Lehmann

graduated from a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at la HEAD in Geneva. Her artistic work is very close to the design border. She’s interested in the intimate and functional link between an object and its owner. Soap is an ephemeral object, that will change and be shaped by the hand day after day. This is precisely that aspect which fascinates her. As soon as she finished her art studies, she wanted to create an object that would be beautiful, ethic and useful. Passionate by creation and handcraft, she jumped from artist to artisan, to create Seem Soap in 2016. Soap has arrived in her life as an evidence, with a huge creative possibility field. She has learned with professional soap makers and then by herself to create her own small soap firm.

Mathilde lives and works in Paris, an inspiring city that she would leave only to move on an island in complete nature immersion. Since always interested by objects, their meaning and what they add to our daily life, she likes to transgress established codes. For her, the world is made of shapes, which she collects to create her own vocabulary. When she travels, she never comes back without hundreds of materials pictures, and some stones collected in her suitcase.