Ginger radieuse

Ginger Radieuse is a burst of energy. This exquisite spice is energizing and invigorating. It brings strength and relieves anxiety. Handmade candle made in our studio in Paris, in 100% natural and vegan olive wax. Our fragrances are made in Grasse in the south of France, and contains no CMR substances, no phthalates and no animal material. Burning time: until 30 hours
Olfactory notes : Hesperidium, spicy
Head notes : Orange, lime
Heart notes : Ginger, pepper, nutmeg
Base notes : Sandalwood, cedarwood

  • 360g

  • handmade in our parisian studio

  • vegetal olive wax

  • perfume ginger

  • colors: light blue, brown

  • dimensions: 23x4x4,5 cm

  • Shaped by hand, the candle can have small irregularities, which make it unique

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